This is still my favorite


imageEveryone looks so hardcore.


Nagisa’s seme face game is strong,


Rei is looking dangerous and not dorky,


Rin has mastered his smolder look,


Even Haru could kick your ass if you disrespect his pool.


And then there’s “I would treat you so well” Makoto.

Makoto is the weak link in the h20 gang.

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Anonymous asked: oh well now, who wouldn't fall in love with him

He is totally different face to face, yep, is beautiful as a girl and as a man but I couldn’t stand the way he is since the last time we saw each other.

And now I’m saying “he” and not “she” for respect to you, if you like him, just ignore me for his sake! I don’t think he likes his followers to “talk” to me :3

Anonymous asked: ahh you seem like a cute person, i ship you two now. btw what did he do?? you made me cirious now. I know that he had like 6 boyfriends lol and he said that he fucked up the last one, so i though it was you since you said he fucked up your friendship/ whatever too

I was not his boyfriend, I don’t even know what was I to him.

To sum up, he treated me like shit for a while when I think I didn’t deserve that, until I collapsed and started to “hate” him.

arseniks-deactivated20140701 asked: En que no te respeto?

Llamarte y decir - NO? a parte de toda la mierda de trato que me comí de tu parte? venga ya, que tú dejes el pasado atrás no significa que yo lo haga, convertiste el cariño que te tuve en odio, y mira que era difícil, por tanto no te voy a reconocer como un chico por mucho photoshop que le metas a tus fotos, y ahora no me vayas a tirar a todo tu fandom, porque lo último que quiero es cabrearme de nuevo, si no tienes nada que decir a lo primero, déjalo estar simplemente.

Anonymous asked: oooh. you got his url. well all those urls still lead to this blog so i though that you was his boyfriend, gomen. Also, when he wrote something little about himself there also was link to this blog and he wrote that person who runs that blog is his boyfriend, so you can see why was i confused.

Yep, no problem! I was bored~

If you have any questions about being Gehe’s boyfriend - >

Else if you have any questions about Gehe, I don’t know her anymore, but I can still remember how she used to be~

End if.

Anonymous asked: Also, you bought him binder?

him who? gehe’s?

Anonymous asked: But, when i go to the url who wrote that post about "My girlfriend recently turned into a boyfriend" it links to your blog. I know that a-x-s-l is his ex as well, but all those things link to your blog

a-x-s-l had erased his tumblr, I get the link, easy.

Anonymous asked: I'm so confused rn. I though that you're Gehe's ex, because of that post where you tell him that you love him and that he has your full support etc etc.

Not me, We were not in a relationship but we had our thing and I loved her for a while, not anymore.